+Fescue and Bluegrass Lawn Care Tips:

  1. Mow high and often, as you never want to remove more than 1/3 of the blade at any mowing. By mowing high, 2 ½ to 3 inches, you keep the soil surface cooler, reducing evaporation and reducing the need for more irrigation. Shading the soil surface reduces the amount of weed germination as well.

  2. Keep your lawn mower blade sharp to give a cleaner cut to the grass. This will reduce damage, and the possibility of secondary insect or disease outbreaks.

  3. Watch for changes in growth rate, color of the grass, and any spots that show up. If you start seeing spots, bring in at least a 4-inch square that has both the live and damaged grass. We have to see the live area to determine what is causing the problem, but we’ll give you the plug to put back in your yard!

  4. Now is a great time to feed your lawn with Milorganite, a non-burning, organic fertilizer that can be applied during hot weather without fear of damaging your lawn or garden. You need to be careful with chemical fertilizers in hot weather as they can burn, and lead to excessive top growth as well as insect and disease problems. There is a direct relationship between hot weather, high humidity, fertilizer, and fungus disease.

+Zoysia and Bermuda Lawn Tips:

  1. Zoysia and Bermuda lawns have different requirements from their cool season counterparts. These grasses need a high nitrogen fertilizer, for best growth. They will thrive with little care, but for the best turf you do need to feed and water regularly. We like Howard Johnson's Lawn Food 28-0-4.

  2. Zoysia has had a number of problems over the past 3 years: chinch bug, Zoysia billbug, Zoysia Brown Patch and a condition that for lack of a better name is ‘Zoysia Dead Spot.’ All of these problems look the same, so bring us a 4 inch square showing both healthy and damaged grass. Weather has also played a role in the decline of Zoysia.

  3. We now carry Zenith Zoysia seed! It can be sowed any time from June until mid-August.

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