Winter Houseplant Care

This is the time of year when we are asked to diagnose many issues associated with indoor plants. Here we will narrow it down to the three most common problems that we encounter from samples brought into our store.

1) Plant response to day length: One of the main reasons our houseplants have such a poor appearance in the wintertime is their reaction to shorter days. Our homes have drier and cooler air in the winter and they have to cope with less light. Because of these conditions, you might see some spots and blemishes on their leaves, these are not harmful and are more noticeable because of lack of new growth. Manually remove bad leaves as necessary to keep your plants looking healthy and try to put them in a bright sunny window to let them know spring is just around the corner!  

2) Over-Watering In the winter, a plant slows down it's activity and the need for adequate moisture diminishes. Set your plants on oversized saucers full of water and pea gravel. The gravel provides a base for the pot to sit and the soil at the bottom of the is able to pull moisture into the root zone of the plant. Secondly, as the water evaporates, it provides humidity which is essential to plants during this dry season. Your normal watering schedule might change during this time so be alert not to over-water.  

3) Insects Be on the lookout for insects! This is usually caused by plants that have been brought in from the outside for the winter. These can easily be controlled by a systemic insecticide that works from within the plant itself and/or a light spray. All of these products and further information can be found here at Rolling Ridge.