New Staff Members Needed

It's February and it's time for us to start staffing up for another spring season. There may be up to 6 (six) openings for part time employment for this spring. We are looking for polite and friendly people with good people skills and are able to stay on their feet for long lengths of time. Plant knowledge is beneficial but not necessary. Some of our positions will require heavy lifting and working under inclement weather conditions. We instill a great working environment and have some incentive programs in place for further employment.

Houseplant Winter Decline

A common issue we see at our nursery are customers having problems with their indoor plants dropping leaves and becoming less attractive during the winter months. While botanically this isn't unusual, sometimes the way we respond to our plants doing this can cause even worse problems. Many, if not all, indoor plants require at least bright light and warmth to stay looking nice. As days get shorter and more importantly, the sun gets further away from us, our plants respond, sometimes in a not so great way.


We're sure you remember the winter of '13-'14 as being one of the most bitter and icy that we had seen in several decades. Many of our landscape plants came out of this past winter severely damaged and in some cases killed back entirely or beyond hope. Many weather experts are calling for a repeat this upcoming winter season. We like to wait and see what happens, but whichever philosophy you aspire to, there are steps you can take to plan against the same results next spring.