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April Lawn & Garden Tips

We have just survived another crazy March! The month started with a shot of winter, the middle was spring like and now back to winter for the end. At least we never had severe weather! Like last year, we are off to a slow start, and hopefully will have a gradual warm up though April. Wouldn't it be nice to have a long spring, with all the trees, shrubs and flowers having a beautiful blooming season? Like last year, the cooler soil temperatures will give you additional time to complete those early gardening jobs. We are just now having weather that is optimal for planting grass seed.

PJM Rhododendron

As the last of the short, cold days of winter come to a close, we can start anticipating the blossoms of all the early spring harbingers. Amongst them are the oft-overlooked broadleaf evergreen in the Ericaceae family of acid loving plants, the PJM Rhododendron. This smaller leafed rhodo begins its season early, about the same time as forsythia. Purple to lavender or pink flowers, depending on variety, start to appear in late March or early April and usually cover the plant with color.